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How We Got Here

Welcome to our Security Infrastructures' blog page. We will be publishing various industry insights, random thoughts on life and business, as well as helpful tips and tricks. We will try to keep the tone a bit less formal than you will normally see on company websites; however I truly hope that this will keep you our readers a little more entertained and engaged in what we actually publish. I, personally, will aim to post on a daily basis, but don't hold me to that (I have two small children). :-)

That being said, this post is called how we got here and I will go a little into just how it was that we got here. That is what I set out to do after all. Last year, John and myself realized that we have an extremely unique skill set to offer companies; one that is generally not offered by a single company. Security Infrastructures was formed then and we set out to make our dream a reality so to speak. Feel free to sign up and interact with us if you like the content.

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