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When will they use ransomware to encrypt your system and ask for a ransom?

Are they going to harm or break down all of your connected devices?

How much will they trouble your relations with employees, clients, partners?

How many times will you let them intrude until you get the proper security?

Many companies still entrust their IT security to common antiviruses and firewalls but hackers have learned to bypass them to infiltrate your network

What happens once a hacker gets into your network undetected?

How much time will they spend freely exploring your IT environment?

What sensitive corporate and personal information will they steal?

How long will it take for your data to become available on the Dark Web?

Get protected by the powerful automated threat hunting technology combined with hands-on support from a team of cyber security experts


Our software automatically collects data from your connected desktops, laptops and servers to send it up to a cloud-based engine for automated review


Threat operations team manually reviews suspicious and potentially malicious activity to eliminate false positives and identify real threats to your network


If an active threat is present, team experts isolate any infected machines and provide you with easy-to-do instructions if additional actions are required


Get notified if your data become available via Dark Web services including Tor, I2P and Freenet, hidden chat rooms, private websites, peer-to-peer networks, IRC (internet relay chat) channels, botnets, black market sites and social platforms


Keep your business chats away from 80,000+ compromised emails reported daily


Monitor 640,000+ Dark Web resources to get alerts when your data or credentials appear


Cut off access to unsafe areas of the Internet where attackers are most likely to strike


Receive monthly intelligence reports on discovered threats and security incidents

Stay away from data breaches and identity thefts by using our complete solution powered by top-rated Huntress Labs and Dark Web ID cloud security tools


Eliminate malicious files even if they mask as good ones or exploit other programs


Block emails from known malicious senders despite all of their efforts to deceive you

Let us protect your users and proactively hunt anomalous threats to your data

Upon your subscription, we will not only provide you with authorized security packages but also bring you a few bonuses to make your corporate network even more protected


FREE month of Huntress Labs usage to try out the endpoint protection


FREE Dark Web ID report on whether your emails appeared on Dark Web


FREE monthly reports on key security incidents in your network

We work with


24/7 Endpoint Cyber Security

Protect your networks from all kinds of hacker intrusions and data breaches


Security Infrastructures’ Managed Endpoint Security and Dark Web Monitoring is available now with special volume pricing.

Please select the number of devices you’d like to have covered by Huntress Labs’ Endpoint Protection. Free Dark Web ID Monitoring for your company with purchase of 10 or more endpoint protection subscriptions (limited time $95.95 value)

Endpoint monthly subscriptions 1=$49.95 • 2-9=$39.95 • 10-19=$29.95 • 20-99=$19.95 • +100=$14.95. Standalone Dark Web ID $95.95

Number of Endpoints to be Protected

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