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Access Control

Whether you own a small business or a large company, if you have employees, the need for an access control system becomes more critical. An access control system allows you to not only secure your building but also prevents the need of re-keying locks and/or re-issuing keys when employees leave or begin working with your company. A properly designed and installed access control system will secure your building, manage employee and visitor traffic flow, improve productivity, secure assets and protect employees.

Security Infrastructures provides a variety of access control systems and will work directly with you to determine which system best fits your needs and budget. Whether the location has one or multiple doors; or you have multiple sites, we are able to create a scalable security access control system that will allow you to better manage your business. Once the access control system is installed, it will control all the doors brought into the system throughout your facility. A centralized access electronic access control system utilizes a PC, or web-based interface to verify personnel and replace your employee tokens (Card, key fobs, pin and/or bio metric). You have total control to set the credentials that are used to allow entry and your new access control system will only grant access once those credentials are presented.

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