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Remote Work in difficult times

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

So I already skipped a day even though I said I would try to blog every day, it is just how everything is I guess. So over the last couple weeks we have been barraged with news of this virus spreading and everyone has been up in arms about it. Understandably so, but I will not try to capitalize on the search term by even naming it. That being said, many companies are now for the first time having to think about having remote workers. Though enterprises and larger companies have been providing telecommute option for a bit now, smaller companies have not given it as much thought. Essentially to work from home while accessing your resources at the workplace involves either some sort of VPN into your job or a Virtual desktop that you can log into which has access to your resources. You also may or may not need an IP phone for calls and the such. I will not go into the technical details of either of the aforementioned solutions here because no one will ever read my blog ever again lol. That being said, you also have to have a collaboration software which allows you to host meetings remotely and share screens and information freely. Some sort of cloud storage to share files is also probably beneficial.

You are reading and thinking (of course you are) either (a) I need to go have a beer because I know and have all of this already or (b) what in the world is all this and how do I get there. We at Security Infrastructures provide all of the above and you are certainly welcome to call us and talk to me for a consultation. It just so happens, that I personally deployed a large remote VPN solution for a large 1500 people company. Their employees in Asia have been home for I think the better part of three weeks now with not one ticket logged about performance of the VPN solution (see how proud I am of myself, I am sort of a geek at heart; I just have a hard time admitting it). I will gladly help in any way I can and my consultations are always free. We also offer all of the above and this is my shameless plug for my company. But whether you call us or not just make sure if you bring up a VPN into the enterprise you do it in the most secure way possible. Don't use password123 as your password if you have anything of value to secure (You do, you have a bushiness right?). Make sure you have backups and be safe out there; not only in the physical world but in the virtual one as well.

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