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Remote Work Access / Telecommute

Remote Access VPN is the main component to working from home and securing your business.  After a firewall with this functionality is deployed in the environment and properly configured, a client is installed on the end user machines that will allow users to logon to their work environment, access work resources and properly secure their traffic and scan it for threats and malicious activity, we specialize in Remote Access VPN deployments having deployed and handled hundreds of VPNs for customers.

A true Virtual Desktop solution will allow you to connect from any machine or device to your desktop in order to access work resources.  Accessing your desktop is done via a simple browser and login; although you can access your work machine from mobile devices as well. Our Virtual Desktop solution will fit the needs of those clients who do not have and cannot take advantage of dedicated corporate issued laptops.

Our VoIP offering is second to none and provides softphone clients for up to five mobile devices with each line.   To enable you to work from home we can provide and setup all components that you will require for Voice over IP and extension mobility at your workspace.

Collaboration software is another key component to successfully working from home.   Collaboration software allows the hosting of meetings with audio and video being streamed to all users as well as the sharing of files and messages between attendees.  Collaboration software is the next best thing to face to face meetings and allows you to talk to colleagues from essentially anywhere in the world as if you were nearby in the same room.

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