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Body Temperature / Mask Detection

Body Temperature Scanners and Mask Detection Devices allow a business to scan the body temperature of customers, employees, and other visitors such as vendors quickly and efficiently.  The scanners can also tell if an individual is wearing a mask or not; these systems can be integrated into your existing perimeter security system. Another feature of these systems is that they have internal storage to keep a certain number of scans in memory allowing for retrieval if necessary.

Typically, in today’s world, the temperature of guests and visitors is taken manually by an employee with a thermometer.  This approach is costly in terms of man-hours and puts the employee taking measurements at an unnecessary level of risk.  It is much more efficient to have a scanner which visitors’ approach to get their temperature scanned and displayed (for their benefit as well) and assesses them for the presence of a mask to comply with local rules and ordinances.

Types of Scanners and Integrations Available We are offering a number of different types of systems from Floor mounted individual tablet scanners that scan one person at a time to camera that will measure the temperature of everyone in sight and store as much data as your NVR will allow.  We are able to integrate our scanners with your existing security system* (System Dependent of course) and will be happy to provide a free evaluation.

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